January 11, 2009

Life of a bookworm

It seems like I've been more into reading than blogging lately. It all started at Christmas, when i was given a handful of books to read, all of which were highly recommended. Per Katie's advice, i was told to read The Secret Life of Bees before These Is My Words, because These Is My Words is SO good that anything coming after it might seem like a letdown. Katie was right. The Secret Life of Bees was really good. These Is My Words was AMAZING. I fell in love with the characters and had a good cry this afternoon as I finished it. Next is the Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt. Then I'll probably swith it up with a girly non-thinker about shopping and such. As for now, I suddenly feel like i want to
A) start a journal, and
B) start a book club.
Other than books, life is cruising along just fine. Work was hectic and stressful this week, with late hours and getting used to being back from break. I'm crossing my fingers for a smooth Monday. Dave is working hard and was such an awesome husband this week!...(not that he isn't always great, but sometimes the little things make all the difference.) He accompanied me on a long Target run for work one evening, without complaining until I was almost done. He was totally cool when I went to Whittier for a girls night, and another night had BBQ-d steaks ready for dinner when I got home late!
Not that I don't like blogging, but there's a comfy couch and a good book waiting in the other room. Maybe next time i'll have some pictures.


Abby said...

Sarah, If I lived there I would totally start a book club with you! I've been into reading lately too. Nothing like curling up with hot chocolate and a good book (at least here in D.C. where it's freeeezing).