November 19, 2008

quick update

So i've been pretty bad about blogging lately. There hasn't been much to photograph, and life really has been pretty casual around our place. BUT, I'm totally looking forward to the Holidays approaching. I LOVE this time of year! A neighbor was putting up Christmas lights on their balcony last night, and as the Dad turned on the lights, his little kids clapped. It was so cute! So naturally, now I want to have lights on our balcony! (But, I hope that maybe we can have a house by Christmas time!) Hopefully Dave will feel the spirit of Christmas and put them up for us!

I bought some gingerbread mix at Traders, and last night while I was at the mall, I stopped in Williams Sonoma and bought Mulling Spices. I've heard everyone rave about it, so I thought who am I to pass up a good thing?!

I'm looking forward to next week. Aside from having Thursday & Friday off, Dave's brother Mike is coming home from his mission in Guatemala on Tuesday which will be awesome! (and I have a root canal scheduled for Monday, but thats not something to get hyped about...)

So here's to the Holidays! Now bring on the cool weather please.


Jillian said...

we have the mulling spices going 24/7 in our house and it is the best thing ever. Good purchase!!!! Hey, so i am coming down for christmas and I wanted to see if you and katie wanted to go to dinner one night, or all of us 6 for a couples dinner. Are you down??

Justin & Amber said...

Hey Sarah,
I keep meaning to leave you a comment about your hair...I love it. Ans also I like reading your blogs, its like I can actually hear you talking...weird I know. Anyways...what is Mulling Spice? Im sure I could google it but I need a first hand experience.

The Collyafaces said...

Sarah, I just decided that I am obsessively in love with your blog. Will you teach me how to update mine and format it? You seem to know what you are doing! It is so beautiful and so fun to read!

PS. What are your plans for the holidays? Are you switching off days with the families?

jessenpetty said...

You are hilarious! I love reading your posts! Good luck with the whole root canal thing! I also love the holidays and now that we have our own home, I'm totally psyched to decorate! The only problem is, because we bought the home, we have no money to decorate now. It BITES! We'll do our best! Love you guys!