November 5, 2008

Been a while

Shawnelle commented on my last post (making it my first "update your blog" reprimand). SO...I thought, what better to post about like the here and now! Today was a long day at work, consisting of spending two hours+ straight tallying, counting, and correcting our fundraiser information. I didn't get a lunch break, and the kids got out early, which = wild children. BUT, tonight after I got off I was in a good mood. Probably because the weather is awesome, and i went to Traders to grab some random items for dinner. I actually went to get only mozzarella cheese for pizza....BUT, who are we kidding! It's Traders! Anywho, Dave and I made homemade pizzas, mine was pretty crispy (note to self, do not set my oven at the direction temp of 450 degrees next time). Dave's turned out great! Now we're eating it while watching dancing with the stars. Ooh, and my fall smelling candles are burning and it just feels like fall! FINALLY.
I picked up some flowers at Traders.

Mine. Eh.

Daves. Wow.


Abby said...

Hi Sarah! I'm glad Matt found your guys' blog--funny that HE was blog surfing, I guess that just shows how bored he's been at work lately, poor guy. Anyway I am having fun reading some of your posts now too! The pizzas look delicious (even yours--I like things extra crispy).

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

hey sarah! i saw you guys on abby's blog and got super excited! i loved looking through your blog and thought i'd make a comment first to say hi before i add your blog link to my list. :) hope you guys are doing great!

Sarah said...

Awww! I'm so excited to see you guys on here! Yay!