September 29, 2008

Time on my hands

Way too many facts about myself.

1. Was born on July 25, 1983 in Whittier CA.

2. I am an only child.

3. Was born with a gimp foot and had to have a cast as a newborn.

4. I LOVE diet coke.

5. Broke my arm when I was 8 at Diana Thomas' house.

6. My Dad didn't think it was broken. He made me lay around while he went to Home Depot.

7. Diana also waited to get baptised on the same day as me.

8. My Mom worked at my elementary school.

9. My contact perscription is -8. HORRIBLE!

10. Katie has been my best friend since I was 4.

11. I didn't get my license till I was 18.

12. Dave and I met online.

13. I like to get a pedicure every 2 weeks.

14. I used to work part time at Bath & Body Works.

15. I subscribe to Oprah Magazine. And love it.

16. I secretly want to go to interior design school.

17. Target is my favorite place ever.

18. I love thier Sweet Water air fresheners.

19. I will not eat mushrooms. Or anything with them in it.

20. I had my first kiss at 17.

21. My degree is in Child Development.

22. I've become addicted to girly non-thinker books like 'Confessions of a Shopoholic'.

23. Dave proposed at Ruby's on the pier at Huntington Beach.

24. With a fake ring he 'dropped' over the pier.

25. And didn't get on his knee.

26. I enjoy scrapbooking, but rarely do it anymore.

27. I was on T.V., twice, on Dancing With The Stars 2 years ago.

28. I used to have plugs in my ears.

29. I took my first plane ride at 18.

30. There are always candles lit in my house.

31. Dave and I are looking to buy a home.

32. My favorite perfume is Dolce Gabbana Light Blue.

33. My favorite # is 7.

34. I had like 3 or 4 hampsters growing up.

35. I was a total dork as a child.

36. I've seen Social Distortion like 5 times. Love them!

37. I'm not all for this Hybrid car thing.

38. I can't wait to get a Phillip Stein watch.

39. Pasta is my fave.

40. I prefer frozen yogurt over ice cream.

41. My Grandpa was the kindest man ever.

42. Katie and I lit her backyard on fire as kids (cause will remain unspoken)

43. I'm voting YES on Prop 8.

44. If you're still must be pretty bored! lol.

45. I have alot of cars I want...Lexus ISF, C 300, Bentley GT...

46. Our sealer at the LA Temple was James Dean.

47. Someday I want to spend Christmas in New York.

48. We're taking a family cruise to Europe next summer.

49. For which I have to loose weight.

50. Which brings me to the question...why is it SO hard?

51. Dave and I want to buy a boat.

52. I've never been to San Francisco.

53. I burp. Often.

54. My dream dog when we buy a house is a bulldog. Named Herman or Lola.

55. My favorite sport is baseball.

56. I decided I didn't want to be a teacher after I got my degree.

57. My Aunt Chrissy used to do the '24' days of Christmas for me. Until last year. haha.

58. I really want to lift my truck.

59. Dave sold his 2nd love (car) to help pay off debt. Pretty much for me. Thats love.

60. I think I have a shopping addiction. For reals.

61. I love sending out thank you cards and random notes via the mail.

62. I've never seen any Star Wars movies.

63. My Great Grandma lived to be 101.

64. I'm related to President Monson. He's my Grandpa's cousin.

65. Black is my favorite color.

66. Burts Bees chapstick is my staple.

67. I love country music.

68. Gold jewelry is my new fave.

69. Dave vacuums our place 95% of the time.

70. Thats because he can leave it with perfect lines. I can't.

71. I miss Dave's charger. The one he sold for us.

72. I lived in the same house growing up since I was 4.

73. I don't like going to the movies. I feel like it wastes hours of my time.

74. There was a point in time when I did not like Marta Anaya. I love her now though!!!!

75. I used to cry during thunder and lightning and make my Mom lay with me in bed.

76. I stopped wanting to spend the night at Katies as a kid cause there were prowlers in her backyard and the sliding glass door had no window coverings on it.

77. I love Reese's during holidays, like the eggs at Easter and Trees at Christmas.

78. My Aunt knew I was gonna marry Dave long before I did.

79. There's a store in uptown Whittier called Pour Le Bain that I LOVE.

80. I'm a big fan of Greys Anatomy.

81. Growing up we didn't have cable, or call waiting.

82. The more I grow up, the more I realize how great my Dad is.

83. I get nostalgic for the past when i'm left alone with my thoughts.

84. This is taking way more time than I thought it would.

85. For our senior trip a group of us girls went on a cruise to Mexico and Catalina.

86. Dave and I just recently moved to Rancho Santa Margarita.

87. I had a goldfish as a pet, and when he died I gave him a funeral.

88. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

89. I always wear sunglasses when it's even remotely sunny.

90. I like mafia type movies, like a Bronx Tale.

91. When Dave talks about cars, I actually try to listen and understand.

92. My cars somehow never get carport or garage privelages.

93. As i've typed this I've thought like 10 times how I could have been working out.

94. The Jackmans (Sherri and Randy) nicknamed me Sarahberra.

95. I hope my kids get blue eyes. Dave swears they will be "poo brown".

96. I get migranes. Often.

97. I'm hording alot of my wedding gift cards to Crate & Barrel for when we buy a place.

98. I had a New Kids on the Block party when I was a kid.

99. Sometimes I think about going back for my Masters degree.

100. Naps in my truck on lunch get me through my days.

PHEW! I have no idea how I got through all that. Dave wanted to do 100 facts about him, after he saw what I was doing. I think it would be much more entertaining!!! Maybe I'll have him do it next. I tag anyone who has the time to do this. Come's kinda fun! :)


Jillian said...

i totally remember your new kids on the block party, and at the time I had no idea who they were so I was kind of confused. It was still fun though!

King Klan said...

So I'm proud to say that I knew most of these facts. PS we are buying a house too.