September 23, 2008


Last Monday marked mine and Dave's one year anniversary! I can't believe it's already been a year. It went by pretty darn fast, and has been pretty darn great too! For our anniversary, Dave took me on a surprise weekend getaway to Laughlin for a little rEsT & ReLaXaTiOn. The week before was a hectic one at work, so I was very much appreciative of the sleeping in and being away that he treated me to!
Peek-A Boo!
On Monday I got a dozen red roses on my desk at work, and we went to eat at our favorite Mexican spot Morenos. On Friday, Dave asked me to check the mail really quick before we took off to Matt Waldrip's wedding reception, and I was so excited to find this adorable necklace in a package!!

Seriously, I love my husband!

A big thank you to him for all he does, which is way too much to list on here (and i'll spare you all the mushy details).


King Klan said...

WoHo i cant believe a year has passed so when are you having kids just kidding!

Justin & Amber said...

Hey Sarah,
Congrats on the anniversary, that did go by fast. Hope you guys are coming for Mady's birthday so i can see you. Talk to you soon.

Jillian said...

is that a helen ficalora necklace???? I have one of each of our initials and I love it!!! So cute!