July 5, 2008


Happy 4th of July everyone!
I hope that everyone had a fun and safe holiday. I have to say, there's nothing better than being paid to sleep in, relax, spend time with family and eat. We spent the day in San Clemente with family and friends, and topped it off with fireworks and then some late night Nacho Libre (which my mom saw, and I think she enjoyed because I saw her laugh quite a bit!)
Bundled up
Mom & MeDaddy-o

Dave & I


Stockbridge Family said...

Sarah! I love you guys! Great now I can check in on you guys to see whats going on in your lives! You and Dave are just too cute together! I added you to my list. Love ya cousins!

Michelle Campbell said...

Stinkin cute blog!! This is Davey's cousin, Michelle. I bloghopped here from Dawn's. :) You guys are so adorable. We were just in Orange last week. I didn't know you guys lived there. Since you work for CDC you must know my aunt Karen Fox. She's my dad's sister. Anyways- feel free to come check out our blog at nofrillsrevue.blogspot.com. It's so nice to keep up with family! It's great to hear that you guys are happy and doing well. 4th of July sounded awesome! luv you guys, michelle