June 8, 2008

Here's to you Katie!

Happy Birthday to my best friend Katie! She is such an amazing friend, wife and mother. I feel really blessed to have been friends with her for SO long, (21 years) and have been close through all the years and still be as close as ever! We can talk forever about anything...our husbands, our families, memories from growing up, life, makeup, the list goes on. I really value her opinions on everything. When I need to vent or tell someone something that happened, its her. I also look up to her. She is so smart and just generally knowledgeable about so much! We've asked ourselves if we hadn't met when we were so little and grown up as neighbors, could we have met when we were older and still be close? I actually said no, because we both went through different life experiences at different times. What kept us close was our history. So i'm thankful for meeting her so long ago. I think she's my friend soulmate :)

Jillian, you're in this one above!

Happy Birthday Katie!!!


courtney said...

Happy Birthday Katie!! I guess you couldl let her know through the grapevine. I would call he myself but I dont have her phone # and I can't ever seem to get ahold of shawnelle.

Jillian said...

that is so cute!!! I love the one where we are all little!!! I totally remember that bathing suit I had on! and random, but I remember one of your birthday parties being a new kids on the block party and I had NO idea who they were!