September 3, 2007

I love Katie and Shawnelle

Now that I'm getting older, I am admiring my friends more and more. I believe I have been truely blessed to have amazing people in my life.
This past Friday Katie and Shawnelle both put on a lovely bridal shower for me. The food was GREAT, especially the delicious brushetta sandwiches and the thai pasta salad, the centerpieces looked so cute, and the work that I know they put into it made me realize how much they care.
They even played this game that I'd never played before. As I opened my presents, the girls had to write down things I said that I could say on my wedding night. I laughed so hard when they read them all. It was so funny. "I'm done now. Thank you."
I love these two girls, and am so glad we have so many memories that tie us together throughout the years. As my wedding gets closer, I look forward to being more on the same level as them, married, and starting a family. I love how they have husbands and children, but still took the time to put together something so nice for me. So thank you. I love you both!


King Klan said...

oh your so sweet. and you are welcome! I'm glad you had a good time!

Marissa said...

Katie is awesome, isn't she! I love her too. So close to your big day!!!

Katie Jackman said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your shower. I had fun too. It's coming up!

Melissa said...

It looks like you girls had the best of times! I can't wait to see you all beautiful in your wedding dress on Saturday!