November 7, 2012

I know...

It's been a long time. A really long time actually. I guess between the blur called
July, a whirlwind of August, September being filled with "life" and October spent wishfully ushering in fall (which only brought us a 90 degree November), it's suddenly now.

But now, Dave and I are on vacation. On a train from Boston and returning to NYC for my family vacation. Boston was a quick 24 hr. trip, one that included the Romney/Ryan 2012 election night party. A wonderful experience with not so wonderful results. And we'll leave it at that. As we roll thru the east coast it's started to snow outside, the fall trees are shedding their leaves and Dave is quietly snoring next to me. Shelby is at home with her Grandmas, being wonderfully pampered I'm sure. We've gotten to hear her babbles on the phone each day, and I sure miss her chubby little self.

So while I have some uninterrupted time on my hands, ill share our lives from the last, well, months!

And I promise, if only for my personal record, I'll post more soon!