August 26, 2012

July is a wonderful blur

I may or may not have mentioned that July just may have been the busiest month of our lives thus far. Everything came in multiples. Two weddings, two rehearsal dinners, two receptions, three sealings, three birthdays, two out of town vacations, two baby showers...shall I go on?! sheesh. Just typing this makes me tired.
So naturally, since July (into August) was so busy, blogging took a back seat. I'm sure you three readers are besides yourselves that I've returned. I'm going to re-live July/August with phone photos, because honestly, who uses anything else these days.

Kevin & Nicolettes wedding.

Mike & Jennas wedding!

Utah for Aunt Chrissys sealing.

The lake with the Walters & Jackmans. Never-mind that it was 122 degrees. What?! Yes. Cross my heart.

Phew. My phone is hot to the touch now from all these uploads. August (or the later part) will have to wait!