April 18, 2012

Easter basket goodness

Easter this year was fun on a new level, and obviously because of a certain little someone. We dashed off to church after a small Mommy fail. I returned her original Easter dress because it was too big, only to find another one that was like 75% off at Baby Gap, so I got that one. Onlyproblem was I never tried it on her, and it ended up hanging dangerously low in the front, completely baby inappropriate. (she was showing a little too much baby chest). So I scrapped dress #2, and just grabbed something from her closet.
Church, or at least sacrament, was very nice. It'll be SO nice when we can make it all 3 hours! We napped, and then let Shelby have at her Easter basket. It was fun to see her reaction to new things, and just hold them and not want to pick up the next one because then she'd have to let go of the other one. So naturally, the only photos we snapped were of her. And one bad, take it yourself photo of our family. Next year I'll be more with it!