April 17, 2012

{9 months}

Ah, the good old monthly update. More for me than you, I'm sure, but fun to recap none the less! If I thought last month brought about changes, this stage is blowing everything else out of the water! Daily Shelby is changing, and even between starting this draft two days ago, there are more milestones to add! Being will Shelbs is so much fun. We have a grand ole time together. She sits like a big girl in shopping carts, we play, we cuddle, we laugh and sometimes she sings along in the car. Kinda.

  • We have teeth! Two bottom ones to be exact. Vegas weekend they popped through, and I've since watched (and felt...OUCH) them grow.
  •   Your love for the melt in your mouth puff went from so-so, to full fledged I actually try to chew it with my gums. That happened last night to be exact.
  • You started crawling last week. You went from rolling, to scooting to crawling in what seemed like a day!
  • When you get tired of scooting around, you lean on your right arm, with it stretched underneath you, and pose. Adorable.
  • Who still wears size 0-3mo. Shoes? This girl.
  •  You finally say MaMaMaMa. For which I thank you :)
  • You have an obsession with cords. Especially apple product ones. iPad, iPhone, you find it.
  • Sometimes you get showy Mac hold your bottle with just one hand.
  • You sat on the Easter Bunnys lap, and didn't cry.
  • Twice this week you have "waved" at the gym employees as we leave. Tonight you waved at Grandma, she was happy :)
  •  We had to lower your crib. When I came into your room to be met by you propped up, babbling and slapping the railings, I knew it was time.
  • If there's a shoe on the floor, you will find it and suck on it.