January 16, 2011

is anyone still there?

I know i haven't blogged in, well, forever, when Dave tells me it's been awhile since i've posted a blog. Yes, I know, too long.

Life around here has been somewhat the norm. We got through the Holidays. They were spent with family, just the way it should be. Sadly I have no photos of our Holiday Season.
New Years Eve we did dinner with a great group of friends and a yummy little pizza place in San Clemente. The rest of the night was spent talking and sadly, I fell asleep at 11pm, we left SC at 11:30, and arrived home just in time to turn on the T
V, watch the ball drop and feel bad for poor Dick Clark. I must have been fast asleep by 12:20 at the latest!

January has brought quite a bit of rain, making getting to and from work a bit difficult. A few detours and late arrivals to work and home made me completely over the rain after a few days. Now it's a few weeks later, and in true California style we've got almost 80 degree beautiful sunny weather! It's perfect for a nice drive, opening up all our windows and letting the breeze come through.

Mr. Gunner is growing fast, but what needs to be done must be done.
We took him in and took his manhood. He was SO out of it when I picked him up, and for the
rest of the night fell asleep on our floor and was dead to the world. He really has been a whole different dog so far this weekend. I'm sure it's due to his recovering, but I'll take this quiet, calm, sleepy pup any day.
I think i'll go make some pancakes for breakfast and enjoy the fact that I don't have church until 1pm! What bliss :)


mbobm said...

you have a rotweiller too?! aren't they the sweetest creatures? i kind of have my eye on a bull dog now... i want a little puppy so bad! i'm jealous!