May 8, 2010

Greetings from NYC

I totally forgot I can blog from my phone! So here's a little taste of our trip so far. It's been fantastic! I can't wait to come back, and I haven't even left yet!

This is our view from our hotel room. A nice close up view of times square!

THE statue (& an older man on the ferry).

And pickles from the carnegie deli! They serve them as appetizers, and they were pretty delish. Just wait till you see the sandwich, huge!

Well, we're off to do some shopping, but I can't wait to share all the awesomeness that we've experienced!!


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Abby said...

I still haven't recovered from the last time we got a sandwich at Carnegie (which was over a year ago). We've been back to New York quite a few times since, and I haven't been able to go back. Those things are massive!

I love NY--have fun!

Katie Jackman said...

Once again... Jealous! You and I are so going one day! I'm so glad that you had fun. I can't wait to hear all about it.