May 16, 2010

30 Rock and Jersey Boys

We spent some time in Rockefeller Center. It was pretty cool, but I must say, my favorite part? It was the fabulous Anthropologie and J Crew right next to 30 Rock! I saw the shoes in their window that Oprah wore on her episode with Jenna Lyons. I want them!

In other events, we saw (my new favorite play!) Jersey Boys!!!! The music made me all giddy and took me back to driving in my Mom's VW Bug listening to K-Earth 101!
Rachel. Being Rach.

Of course we ended the evening with some Starbucks. Which, like everywhere else, is pretty much at every corner.


Abby said...

Fun. I haven't seen Jersey Boys, but I've only heard good things about it, so it's on my list.

Matt and I might be in CA the second weekend in June, would you guys be around?!

Sarah said...

I think we'll be in town...or at the condo in San Clemente ;) if you'd care to join?!