April 18, 2010

"Hey Sarah, look what I found!"

As Dave was taking out the trash, he yells "Sarah, come check this out!" I made my way outside, to find Dave with a flashlight and really eager to show me his "find".
He flashes the light on this bad mamma.

SERIOUSLY?! I did a spider dance, let out a little scream and told him "get rid of it! Kill it!"
Dave got what any man on a mission to kill a huge black widow would.
A can of WD-40 and a lighter. haha.
But when I got back from getting the camera and Dave got back from gathering his tools to kill, it was gone! It must have known it's fate, and crawled back into the cable and phone box. Well, we're smarter than any spider, so Dave unscrewed the covers, and there she was. Dave flicked it out, and hit it to the ground.

The rest of the story went up in flames. Don't mess with the Andersons!


Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

haha! that's hilarious and i'm so proud of dave! we saw a beetle on the wall the other day and i told aaron to kill it and he was like, nah just leave it. i hope we never have a back widow because i'd be too scared to kill it and apparently aaron doesn't care about having bugs in our apt!

p.s. we need to hang out soon! :)

Abby said...

Holy. Gross.

Black widows are scary!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

OMG, you guys are really really brave!!! I would have DIED if I had seen that thing! I HATE spiders with every fiber of my being! Holy cow that thing was huge

Cindy Munksgard said...

When we lived in Fresno Kevin found a black widow in our garage...he thought it would be awesome to get hairspray and a lighter...he not only fried the spider but he actually set some of the wall on fire...luckily we got it out pretty quick...

jillian said...

pretty sure i would have freaked the h*!l out!