April 5, 2010

feeling the need for privacy

No, i'm not going private. But my large sliding glass door and kitchen window are in need of some privacy. We've lived here over a year, and all but these two windows have been properly dressed. I guess it's because
A. I wanted to do the living room right the first time and i've been putting it together little by little, but it's been a slow process.
and B. I don't go into that room too much at night. It's not seen from my main living area.
Which really, seems so weird to me. Growing up I had a fear of windows without coverings. Case in point, Katie's house. Her family room was a wall of large sliding glass doors, with a hide-a-bed looking right out it where we would sleep when i stayed over, and a HUGE DARK backyard looming outside. I was so scared to sleep in there!
SO, i need something to cover it up! I'm stuck on the kitchen window most of all.
Exhibit 1.

And also, the living room window needs help, but that will be an easier task...
Exhibit 2.

I want something to make it pop, give it some personality, and add color. I want a fun fabric, patterned, but that can work with other things, like dishtowels, and the adjoining living room... but nothing that will go out of style too fast... i need some help! Any links? photo ideas? Show me your ideas my creative blogging friends!

Many thanks!


Kirk + Chelsea said...

You poor thing! You must have major fears when you come to our window-treatment less house! We're working on it;) I totally agree with you and I can't WAIT to get some blinds or curtains or something! At least there is no one that lives behind you that can look in!

Abby said...

I'm sorry, I don't have any brilliant fabric suggestions, but I just wanted to say I love your house:) I can't wait til we visit CA next (hopefully this year...) and I can see it in person!

Whitney said...

I think your story is funny about their house because our house was the same way! Do you remember our living room had floor to ceiling window with no covering. I used to RUN by the room instead of walk because I was always scared someone was out there looking at me!

So about the window coverings! I know you want a print, but I bought some dark blue velvet curtains from Urban Outfitters. I love them! You can also get them in other colors, but the velvet makes them more sophisticated looking! They also have prints, you should check it out!

Sarah said...

I do remember your house Whitney! The thought of someone seeing me, but I don't know they are there is so freaky! Just thinking about it gets me feeling all rushed to put up something! I'll totally check Urban, I hadn't thought of that yet! And your place is so awesome, i know you have good ideas!


La said...


absolutely gorgeous fabric!

i find some good things at target. or check etsy. there is a fabric shoppe on etsy and she will send you just the amount you need.

anywho. let me know if you need a shopping buddy!!

Sarah said...

I have my eye on Amy Butler...I think that might be the route I go! I have her towel from BB&B in my bathroom upstairs. LOVE IT!
Do you know anything about sewing?!...

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

hey Sarah! have you heard of this blog: http://dreamywhites.blogspot.com/

it just reminded me of you and i thought you might like to look at it if you haven't seen it already :)