March 10, 2010

Sloppy Joe is a NO go!

Last nights conversation was about dinner tonight. Since we had leftover hamburger buns, i asked Dave if he liked sloppy joes. I was totally ready for him saying something like "heck no, nasty!" or "if i don't like spaghetti, why would i like sloppy joes?". BUT, he said sure. So, I made it, according to the Lawry's packet. This is what we had.

And the result was only a half eaten sloppy joe, and this.

I can check that dinner off of any future menus!
Thanks for being a trooper.


Ashley said...

Ick! I am so not a fan of sloppy joe's either!

Abby said...

Haha not my fav either, but I'm not opposed to a joe every now and then:)

I made them once a long time ago and I think it was 'cause matt actually requested them. The sloppy joe filling was good, but I also tried to make homemade buns and that was a disaster. We ended up making a quick run to the grocery for some buns.

And Dave doesn't like spaghetti?! Pasta, any pasta and all pasta, is Matt's fav (other than seafood which I don't cook...ugh).

King Klan said...

Adam LOVES SLoppy joes but I use a can mix