October 26, 2009

Ashley Turner, this one's for you!

*Please read the email correspondence below for the highlight of my day, and a not-so-gentle reminder that I do indeed, still have a blog, and it needed a new post!*

Dear Sarah....
Your blog is feeling neglected as it has not been updated since the beginning of the month. In turn, your friend Ashley has also been feeling neglected because she regularly checks your blog and is no longer satisfied with the cool Halloween door mat you found at Target and would like to know what else you have been up to. If you could remedy the situation at hand, we will all be delighted!

Thanks for your time,


Dear Ms. Turner,

Your request has been received. In light of my busy schedule and lack of photographic evidence, I have not posted in a while. I was unaware of such a demand for my lifes happenings, but given your sincere email, I will do my part to remedy this situation. Please be advised that my schedule is full the next three nights, but i hope to carve out time this evening to fulfill your request for something other than my skull doormat to be the top post on my blog! I do hope this response is satisfactory, and look forward to your kind comments on my upcoming post!


Now on to the simple, yet hopefully satisfactory, post!

We just got back from "FHE" at the Schillings. We had a great time, met a few new couples, and enjoyed seeing their new/remodeled home! (Looks great you two!) I'll post picks from last weekend and our sushi night after Chelsea posts and I steal them from her page!
Can October seriously be coming to an end?! We have added a few new things besides our "cool Halloween doormat we found at Target".

The spiderwebs are up...
The lights are strung....
and the candy's ready to be handed out!

In non-holiday updates, Dave got in the mood to "re-do" his workbench area in the garage. I thought I had a 'before', but apparently I don't. So here's the 'almost done'.

More black paint is needed for the upper cabinets. And of course there still aren't any craftsman red tool chests...But it's most definitely a fabulous improvement!! I love when Dave gets in the moods to just take on a new project, and finish it. (eh-hem, upstairs bathroom needs some final TLC...)

Well, that's all for tonight. You're welcome Ash :)



Ashley said...

Sarah! You are the best. Thank you for making me laugh by posting our emails - it was much needed as I woke up to snow this morning and currently hate my life because of it :)Thankfully, I am off to CA again this weekend for Scarlett's blessing. Have a great day!

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

has aaron seen that work bench??? i feel like that would be his dream come true to have one of those. we'll probably be seeing you guys soon! :)