April 1, 2009

I love my husband but...

I have to tell this quick little story.
An ad comes on TV for Aveeno moisturizer with Shitake mushroom elements in it (apparently they have anti-aging properties in them). Dave looks at me totally serious and says...
"I thought 'shitake' was some made up word, not a real thing".
haha. I love this guy. We can also add this experience to the time Dave was dumbfounded when he first saw edemame. He thought it was a made up word for peas that Katie and the girls and I used. Can you tell he's a simplist when it comes to food or what?

I love you Dave!


Katie Jackman said...

Cute story. Our husbands are a lot alike. Randy would not know about edemame or shitake had he never been married.