October 1, 2008

enjoy the silence

sometimes i miss the nights at home when i lived with my parents. the nights when i sauntered in well past midnight, probably from Johns house where our friends had either: a. watched t.v. and given our own commentary on shows like DWTS while eating fast food, or b. sat and talked about nothing and laughed until our stomachs hurt, again, eating food. it was in those moments when i would plop down on the chair at the computer, somehow not tired, and browse for some new clothes, blog about the funny night we had, or im with friends who were at their computer doing the exact same thing. in those silent moments at my parents, with the only light being the computer screen, i would love being completely alone.
right now is one of those moments. dave went to bed. (i think he gets bored when i check out and focus on something else besides tv and it's past 10). he told me to come too, but i lingered. now it's dark. the only light is the computer screen and some yum smelling fall-ish candles my mom brought me (always the bearer of candles...and i'm always accepting!). i'll cave in a minute and go to bed too. there's something about him falling asleep before me that i'm not a fan of. but for right now, i'm enjoying the sound of a keyboard and nothing else.


Palmyra said...

Hi Sarah, I was "blog surfing" and found yours. This particular post caught my attention. I could imagine you doing the things you were describing, the mood and serenity it emitted. I too, ponder about days past at my parents'. However, with 5 siblings, there was someone bound to disrupt the moment!

Leslie Ann said...

That dark and quiet place you described sounds inviting. I may just try to visit there sometime.