October 16, 2010


Gunner Anderson!
Born- 8/9/10
Weight- 8lbs. 9 oz.
Breed- Rottweiler
Snuggles, chewing, Jazz music, eating his own poo, chasing his tennis ball, getting training treats for going potty, warm dark places to cuddle up in, his fleece blanket, and his parents!


adamandleah said...

I want to meet him!!! He is so cute!!

Josh & Jennifer said...

Wow, he looks really cute, you guys did great, he has Dave's hair & eyes, so cute.

P.S. We miss you both & love ya, Josh & Jenn

mbobm said...

gah! i want him!!

Leslie Ann said...

He weighed the same as Rae when she came out! Aw, they were meant to be friends.