June 8, 2010

The post that took forever...

...to post, and to upload!
I know, I've fallen behind. But in my defense, these pictures take so dang long to upload I almost ditch the effort every time! But, I stuck with it this time.

I wanted to document possibly my favorite part of NY: Central Park. The sun was shining. The trees were lush and green. The temperature wasn't too hot. Our rickshaw drivers were very kind and informative. The company was great, and the experience was one to remember!


Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

how fuuuuun! i've only been to central park when it was frigid cold so it looks like your experience was much better than mine! see you guys tomorrow?

Sarah said...

Yes Whit, see you tomorrow! Cafe Rio! Woo hoo!
And Chels, we should all go on a girls trip. Sometime. Even with life happening, and your upcoming arrival...we can dream, can't we?!