January 25, 2008

In my dreams

So, for those of you who may not know...I'm an HGTV and TLC fan. I LOVE shows that have anything to do with decorating, purchasing, or making over. I get all these big ideas. Someday, ah, yes someday, I will be able to put these great ideas to use in my own home. Which brings me to the point I was getting at... HGTV is having thier annual Dream Home 2008 sweepstakes. Dave likes to register daily to win, because this place is on it's own private beach in the Florida Keys.
Positively AMAZING!


Anonymous said...

Randomly Came Across Your Blog, Noticed You Had Alot Of Nice Pictures... Florida Is Nice!

Sarah said...

Wouldn't that just be the MOST amazing thing EVER!!!! Someday, I hope to have the money to even decorate like that yet alone own a home like that. Someday, we will be rich, that's what I keep telling myself anyway. How fun!!!

Mandibulus said...

I'm just like you and I even registered to win the house. I'm a dork and don't have a chance in the world to win, but the house is just amazing!