December 20, 2007

Ah, Tis The Season!

I love Christmas time! It's by far my favorite. I love Christmas music on the radio, driving around and seeing all the lights, having hot cocoa at night (somehow it's much tastier before Dec. 25th), my Christmas tree in my living room, giving gifts (although I wish I could do SO much more) and just the general feel of the season. I think being married has made it so much better too! I have someone to come home to, someone to decorate with, and for the first time, I'm doing holiday baking!! So tonight, I'm doing a bit more baking while Dave and I watch The Holiday....(which, P.S., I LOVE!!!) and wrap presents. We went on a date to Olive Garden for dinner tonight, then ran to Home Depot for our last gift of the season. Simple night, but it's nights like these that I love the best. Nothing to get up for tomorrow but a pedi, so i'm gonna stay up late, and sleep in. Dave busy wrapping, and my NEW Kitchen Aid being put to good use making peppermint brownies!!My Aunt Lori made this light box with a glass cube, filled it with lights, and then attached a cute bow on it. I loved the idea, and it looks really cute all lit up when it's plugged in.


King Klan said...

looks like fun I have the same kitchen aid and peppermint brownies mmm!

King Klan said...

were are the christmas pictures? I hope you had a great one and a great new years!